It's time! This year's 20th Annual Northeastern Wisconsin Master Gardeners' Plant Sale!

Friday, May 31
12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday, June 1
8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Garden Fair
Green Bay Botanical Garden

We will be selling a huge selection of quality plants direct from the gardens of Master Gardeners - as part of the Green Bay Botanical Garden's Garden Fair.  Make sure you come by early in the sale for the best selection!

2019 NEW Master Gardeners Plant Sale!

Master Gardener's
Educational Opportunities for Continuing Education

The growing season for 2019 is here!
We have a great line-up of educational opportunities if you are looking for new ways to grow your garden, learn about common pests, or simply enjoy learning! 

If you are a registered Master Gardener, check out the list of opportunities and ensure you meet your annual educational requirements. 
Become a Master Gardener Volunteer
  1. Bob Mongin Memorial Garden - Bellevue, UW Extension Office
    Bob Mongin Memorial Garden
    Located on the grounds at 1150 Bellevue Street, Green Bay - the previous address of UW Extension.
  2. BC Library's Children's Edible Garden Event
    BC Library's Children's Edible Garden Event
    The Children's Edible Garden at the Brown County Library Downtown GB
  3. Neville Museum Native Garden
    Neville Museum Native Garden
    Creating Monarch-Friendly Native Garden in Urban Downtown
  4. Brown County Library's Children's Edible Garden
    Harvest Time!
    Harvesting Jelly Melons at the Children's Edible Garden
  5. Locktender's Native Prairie Garden - Open House
    Locktender's Native Prairie Garden - Open House
    Open House at the De Pere Locktender's Native Prairie Garden
  6. St. Mark's Raised Garden - 471 Pounds of Veggies Harvested!
    St. Mark's Raised Garden - 471 Pounds of Veggies Harvested!
    A very successful year of growth for St. Mark's Garden

NEWMGA Board of Directors

  1. Officers 2019:
    Al Nass - President Trisha Linssen - Vice President Nancy Fictum - Treasurer Julie Cole - Secretary Birdie Schatz - Past President
  2. Board Members:
    Steve Beernsten Crystal Brown Barbara Brumm Dr. Tim Freeman Kyle Gigot Linda Gustke Steve Herro Joanne Kondro
  3. Eileen Rueden Melissa Schmitz Mary Sprangers Mindy Ward Doris Magyar - WIMGA Representative Vijai Pandian - Advisor